I know this image is too small to read so let me offer a link: https://www.bluezones.com/2016/11/power-9/

Once upon a time, getting older meant slowing down and  resting on your past like so many soft cushion of memories and accomplishments. Now with the drumbeat of healthy aging and increasing longevity there is always a litany, a to-do list of how to make your lifespan a health-span.

Skip all the the defying aging advice for outward looks.  There is a chorus of good simple information about the inner you. Many seniors are still busy maintaining somewhat of a work life through volunteer or paid activities. As I mentioned a couple blogs ago, there are a host of websites giving out that advice. It is important to stop look and listen and then figure out what you can do of this list and stick to it.

The circle of life at some point turns into a tangent.  But enjoying and living all that you can up to then is now tossed in our court. So how do you react to the the 9 Power Moves in the chart above? Dan Buettner and his Blue Zones crew have laid it out, this is what shapes the lives of the longest living people in the world.

Lets take a quick turn around the power zones.  Starting at the top and working clockwise:

Move naturally –  This is the positive inflection of don’t sit around too much, find a regular activity that makes you move.

Know your purpose – I love the word Ikigai although I can’t pronounce it.  Sometimes we have to fight ageism to make others let us have a purpose.

Know how to Downshift –  I vote for naps.

80% rule – this is tricky especially in our American all you can eat abundance. I would rather put less on the plate to start with.

Plant slant – there are so many reasons not to eat meat, environmental as well. Turkey is still a super food and watch your protein levels.  

Wine at 5 – another new study is saying no amount of alcohol is good for you.  Moderation is a tricky concept to many people. The Adventists don’t drink and they are doing fine. 

Family First – this one I find a bit harsh considering so many people are now on their own. Remember you can always nurture your own circle of friends.

Belong – this is faith based beliefs that connect you to others…there are many ways to belong to a cause as well.   

Find your tribe –  this is somewhat of a repeat – not everyone is lucky enough to know some one from their youth.  That is a rare gem. Know that you can stand alone but should always be willing to connect to others.  

I would have added making sleep a priority and  learning new things all the time to keep the brain going at least second gear. So meanwhile you have to figure out your own to do list.  Otherwise you won’t do it.