48089736 - agricultural field with a house in the background

Real estate developers know how to make what is old new again. With the race to provide still yet a better senior living experience to those who can afford the prices, please behold the agrihood. First the word:  a planned multi generational community that emphasizes  walk-ability,  amenities of art and wellness and the added benefit of watching your future meal of organic kale grow before your eyes. 

There are enough buzz words in reference to this one particular development in Georgia to choke a horse out grazing on the open acres. It is a sustainable village, new urbanist village with an edible landscape, complete with art galleries and wellness facilities.  Enter the word utopia of the future,  complete with an  assisted living section (fully wired to monitor medically)  for  the oldest residents. Suburban life with rural benefits

In earlier blogs I have tried to fathom out the concept of intentional communities- the co-housing movement.  The agrihood is somewhat different in that it is a basic development but with a greater variety of housing options and no regular community meals or shared chore functions. So I guess that is an unintentional community where for a mid price range tag of $700,000 you receive the privilege of a 5 bedroom/ bath house facing the organic farm.

Speaking of fairy tales  have you  seen the Hansel House  on Tiny House nation?   Two older folks have been living in its  244 to 300? square feet for over 20 years. See: You Tube at :  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iUrxoXRXPas It also has a beautiful natural view by the sea and price tag of 1 million plus?

So the price tag to age gracefully near the beauty of nature can be pretty steep.  Or you can have your own yard that someone can mow for you and a few kale plants in a containers for much less. I get to watch the deer strip the old raspberry bushes and plan fenced in blueberry bushes for next year.  I can not walk downtown but we have a great walk able downtown 10 minute drive away with festivals and activities.  We have not one but a dozen farm markets.

So dream on about buying into an ideal neighborhood. That may or may not be the result of all that factitious design and planning.  I wish them well and that it all evolves  and does not dissolve around the hype. It is not Mr. Rodgers neighborhood.  I allow myself to be skeptical of  developments when they promise nirvana.  You can check all the good feel boxes but what about being a good neighbor?  As Mr. Rodgers knows, that takes some effort.