I have followed a half dozen  other aging in place websites for the last two years to find the answers for our own situation.  Before I go any further I want to present some of  the merits of  each of them.  These sites all recognize this trend or demographic push for the  65 plus crowd to age in place.  For the most part they are sponsored by product/service placement.  Each website has something to offer in terms of keeping one’s perspective open to the realities of trying to age in place.

Aging in place.com  Patrick Roden, RN CAPS   This website has changed several times and in its latest  mode is trying to consolidate the knowledge  of  industry leaders.  Ok, so the  old lady is not on a ladder but sitting on the floor?

Earlier  versions had short but enjoyable blogs  with down to earth topics like the Golden Girl network that  were helpful and  insightful. The  website has since changed again and the blog area is kind of swallowed up by all the other things topics offered.  Challenging Aging.org  or Disrupting Aging   by Dr Bill Thomas MD, a gerontologist, author and lecturer.  The site has many well written blogs with more of an academic aspect to them.  I had the pleasure of going to Dr Thomas’s  early leg of  his Disrupt Aging Tour in Spring 2015.  It was an experience that took me back to the seventies and some Gestalt Workshops.  That is,  making sense of what is happening to you and  going with the flow. It was a memorable evening as Dr Thomas explained away our problems with memory and other aspects of growing older with grace.  Dr Thomas is also having some real impact by working for  change  in the stale bureaucratic aspect of nursing homes.

After I plowed through the sociology of the  first part of Dr Thomas’s book , Second  Wind , I was very grateful to find his  delineation of  older folks as deniers,  realists and  the enthusiastic elder.    I am trying to become the later. More on that later.

Aging in place Technology Watch  by  Laurie M Orlov.   Love her rants!  Some of the best articles have been within this  website that is specially dedicated the technology fix for  aging.  She has a  very good grasp of the whole picture from the discussion on the Rot in Place/Washington Post  article to the reality of yes they are building these communities but we are no signing up.  The site has massive amounts of information on the staggering efforts to reinvent the future for the elderly  with  smart gadgets.

Retirement- living.com   gets the award  for best and simplest  organization of  the most different topics. I am not sure how it is funded but it is heavily banner-ed with ads.  Once you go here these ads will be on your Facebook page.

Aging in place.org   national  organization . Interesting,  one of  their topics   for the December 2015  conference in Atlanta  meeting  is “Boomer Sensibility and overcoming denial of aging” …love to be a fly on the wall for that one.   It comes back to they do not understand us beyond the marketing bonanza we are supposed to be.