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Being relatively new to retirement, I still feel the glory of discovering what  to do with my time and my energy on a daily basis. The days I had to catch the 7:03  train are behind me. The days that I am up at 7 AM and writing are  by my choice.  There are of course, obligations and chores that are part of the aging in place gig.  Micromanaging is not a bad word when you get to do it for yourself.  Later knowing when to contract out some of those chores will hopefully be your own executive decision – when to delegate. 

Even on a limited budget that freedom to do a lot or do a little, can be sweet.   Become  the social butterfly  or delve into distant  travel or pursue those  long awaited hobbies. If you can hold onto a part of your job that you like, that is a well earned and rare bonus. If you feel the need for  something more tangible to  accomplish -find a class online or in the real world that gives back as much as you put in.

For my return on investment  I spend 90 minutes weekly  in a Tai Chi class and them practice at least  once or twice  at home.  I  equate that time with better productivity, that is better balance and flexibility. It makes doing my bone density building exercises easier and helps me feel more sure footed. Plus there is the social aspect of the water break/cooler and just keeping up with the latest local news.

The good health gurus that keeping changing how much is enough exercise, now recommend  150 minutes a week. I  have the luxury of  the opportunity to  build that smoothly into my week.  Those over 65 who are still working but have canned their employer coverage for Medicare,  can get free gym memberships  with their Silver Sneakers  https://www.silversneakers.com/   through most  supplemental plans. The boomer generation has a leg up with better  eating and  exercise habits and advancing medical care.  But you have to keep at it.

If you are out there still anticipating the break from full time work, I know there can be many  anxieties.  You worry about your financial fitness and perhaps downsizing you life long possessions in preparation  for relocating.  You maybe  deciding whether to invest in  making your own home a safe place for later years. But somewhere between all that you need to do,  you are finally making your own plan.

They used to ask in job interviews, where do you see yourself in 5 years?  Ask yourself now  that same question. What are your strengths and your weakness in managing good health and social connections?  I think the period before you actually retire  is the sometimes more stressful, but that time can be also very productive. So even though you may feel beaten down and a bit bewildered, remember who is going to soon be the boss and in charge of your own performance evaluation!