Ask anyone over the age of 70 what they fear most about getting older and  some will answer running out of money or being a burden to their children.  A more likely answer is fear of losing their memory. Overall the rates of dementia are dropping in the boomer population, yet this looms over and in front of us as we wait for that miracle of medical science that actually cures some type of dementia.  There will be more people with dementia because there are more of us.  Researchers are not absolutely sure why the percentage rates are dropping.  They point to to better care of  heart and cholesterol health, a generation that was afforded higher education to stretch the brain at a young age and of course wiser health and exercise habits.

Given the head start of all of that, you could place yourself in a comfortable state of denial that this illness will not afflict you or your loved ones.  Denial is never a better tool than being more informed.  I have  chronicled some of these research findings and the frustrated efforts of big pharma in earlier blogs under my Memory Lane category. You can stretch your brain by just following some of more detailed information in the links:

My approach is to always keep alert to new research developments in the quest for a more definitive answer to preventing or curing Alzheimer’s.  When I came across a recent article on vitamins preventing preventing brain loss, I was at first skeptical. Then I realized that the combination of B12, B6 and folate I have been taking since becoming a vegetarian 6 years ago, is what they are recommending for preventing atrophy in the brain!

Disclaimer here, I am not a nurse or a dietician or nutritionist.  I take a tiny melt in your mouth combination B12/B6/folate vitamin pill a few times a week.  It boosts my energy level and prevents some of the negative side effects (brain fog – fatigue ) I had experienced when not eating enough protein. It may be doing more for my brain health than I realized.

What is important is that you understand how all this works together:  exercise, healthy habits, staying connected to others and always learning new things.  You can Google  risk factors for Alzheimer’s and you will get several different to do and not to do lists. As we wait for the medical knight in shinning pharmaceuticals to come to the rescue to stop the devastation of an illness that makes you lose who you are, it puts more responsibility on us.

I now consider these tiny magenta tabs to be an even more important part of my own defense plan.

For the science of this study follow this link: