If not to heaven , or at least to the second floor.

One of the keys to staying at home is access to that bathroom /bedroom on the second floor of older homes with older people in them.  Not everyone has $50,000 or the space  to put on an addition. Stair-lifts have much  improved since my days as a rehab counselor.  Boomers may actually end up really using  stair lifts. Walking stairs is good exercise but not always practical.  Not everyone can find their little rancher on one level or is willing to move to a townhouse  or condo/apartment.  .

The width of the stairs used to be a restriction,  but now  with base in the  floor  anchoring and fold up options, more homes can accept  a mechanized stair lift.  Going around  landings  will cost  up to two and a half times as much,  but it can be done. An evaluation must be done on site  and  the frailty of the person using it has to be a major consideration. As they say an authorized representative will be happy to  come to your home and sell you what you need.

In our review section I hope to catalog opinions of those who have utilized this   their parents or otherwise to discuss the pro and cons.  Hopefully not the cons.