After having attended a most marvelous seminar on the real science of aging, I feel the  need to go back on my soap box on diet and better health.  Yes, we are in Blue Zone territory again and this post is for those interested in having better quantity  and quality of time perhaps spent on the planet from  the effect of a good diet. It all leads to hopefully better  health and longer independence.

Yes there is the exercise, exercise mantra.  Supposedly according to some surveys  changing diet to  more fruit and veggies is as hard or harder than making time for that exercise.   Motivation comes in different forms  but that word – time, is key.  The science is there  that  would lead you to the conclusion that a more plant based diet prolongs life. You know this is not the first time you are reading this and no it does not mean you only eat raw food.

So why is it so hard to change? Let us admit it is partly  all about  the awesome constant  challenging relentless responsibility of cooking. The  challenge is there whether you are cooking for two or as a single person need to go totally upscale just for you.  It is the Whats for dinner?  task that seems to fall disproportionately on the female of the species. And there is the modern day hunting and gathering aspect of setting up a kitchen and grocery runs that supply a constant flow of meals from healthy fruits and vegetables. Exhausted already?  And I have not even mentioned a recipe yet.

When we decided just  5 years ago to go from a standard diet to a healthier diet it was a  researched and deliberate move to what we do now.    I think you have to take the attitude that you can change things gradually for the better.   You can eliminate some foods ( and I do not mean  just red meat) as you add others.   It will mean natural weight loss. As you set up your pantry and menu  it means less cooking.  Yes! LESS cooking.

The surprising things about many vegetarian recipes made from fresh veggies is that they freeze well and keep well for  quick lunches and leftover dinners.  I foresee the future when meals on wheels is also sometimes meals from the freezer.  Now I know some of the wise centenarian cooks in Dan Buetnner’s book: The Blue Zones Solutions  Eating and Living Like the World’s Healthiest People  would not approve of or even have a freezer.  But we have to draw the line somewhere.

So for the next couple posts I will offer some ideas and hopefully try to stay away from the  10 best /10 worst ten foods to eat lists and share some practical advice how to eat healthier without totally upending your kitchen routine. 

There is a finish line out there for all of us.  But it is never too late to up your game for your own benefit.