This post is a continuation of my Thanksgiving for a few weeks series. In my last blog, I offered a positive perspective that despite all the pressing issues upon boomers and older seniors who want to remain in their homes, many are staying healthier longer much to the surprise of the senior housing industry who were ready to welcome people into assisted living at age 65!  Also I projected transportation services that are vital in preventing isolation and maintaining independence are expanding and improving.

This week I would like to point out that by the time many of us need more interaction with technology to stay at home it will be there. I am not just talking about monitoring systems or easier smart phones. The more interesting part of silver tech will be in the interactive systems. Some people are familiar now with Siri and the other talk back to me and/or answer questions devices. I was recently introduced to the simplicity of Goggle Hangouts much easier to use than Skype and a very practical way to keep in touch with family and friends. 

A new device called Pillo had entered the market, and yes it has to do with taking medication.  They have even coined a new phrase conversational treatment adherence device.  Some people have complex care plans with multiple medications to be taken at different times of the day.  That would be confusing for anyone. It is connected  and can set up video calls between patients and their caregivers or doctors. It does not just shoot out pills at different times of the day.  So many falls are attributed to the mis-management of medication, and that could make this type of device a worthwhile accessory to advanced age. 

The essence is of course that somewhere, somehow you can also have some human contact  to answer questions or reassure you. For now, many will feel this is still intrusive but the good news is that it will be there is you want or need it.  

An old commercial for a communications company had a slogan – reach out and touch someone. The lesson for the future may be – do not be afraid to talk to small shining objects if they can keep you safe and at home- your home.