When I taught my class on aging in place the last two semesters,  I found that when I got to the jazzy new technology that could help you stay at home part, there was minimum interest. The big brother or rather the well meaning daughter aspect of monitoring all your movement during a day turns most younger seniors off entirely. There are at least a half dozen  versions of the home monitoring equipment and systems. Some are much more sophisticated than others. 

I do not advertise  products or services on this website and neither do I endorse them in my classes.  But I want to lead you to a video from the big name at the box store that shows what being in the safety net of technology is supposed to do for you:  https://www.bestbuy.com/site/services/assured-living/pcmcat1497550757159.c?id=pcmcat1497550757159  

If you are an adult child of a frail elder miles and miles away, this may be the real alternative to the senior living facility that the parent does not want or can not afford. Monitors are placed at strategic points opening cupboards, by the bedside to track motion or lack there of. The video gives the impression that the ‘daughter’ must be on constant watch for alerts including remotely locking the front door at night. That is where they lost me. I know phone calls can not always convey the truth of what is really happening as people try to hide the fact that they may have fallen or forgotten to eat etc. But watching it for second time with the sound off  had a more sinister effect.

In certain cases, accepting all this equipment may mediate a family tug of war to get mom and or dad out of the old homestead.  Many aging boomers do not have that dedicated next generation of sons and daughters to put in the vigilance needed to make this viable.  Technology has it uses and I am not anti gadgets and gizmos that keep people safer longer at home. But it also assumes a totally passive subject and that all this equipment can be a substitute for in person visits.

There are many boomer quirks when it comes to  aging. We keep saying we are not there yet and in a certain sense may have a very difficult time even envisioning ourselves that dependent.  We will change, times will change, technology will offer solutions. Maybe we are just not ready for so much reassurance.