As the consequences of the election start to play out, I am going to step back and offer a link to a current analysis of what this could mean for seniors and their health care.  The cost and quality of health care is pretty big on the list of how do you stay alive , let alone live independently.  Overall we will have to see whose agenda really is going to run this country.

All the decisiveness of the election has only proven to me that we need to come to some kind of center.  The image of a pendulum (hopefully not the  pit and the pendulum) comes to mind. Maybe it is the hypnotic trance of  watching a  object swing back and forth, back and forth. As they say it is going to be a bumpy ride and those  behind the leading edge boomers,  just coming into Medicare and Social Security may think they have the most at stake.  But we are all at risk here.  

As I said previously it is time to get involved and do something worthwhile for your community. Volunteer to drive others to their doctor’s appointments, do small chores for an even older neighbor.  Start reading your county website on the department of aging and see what is being offered and how you can help. It is  tempting to go hide out, but societal change can not happen without the consent of it’s populace.

Did you know pre retirement and early retirement boomers volunteer at a rate of over 34% of the volunteer workforce? Part of what may help is that the crest of the age wave get as useful as they can be as long as they can.

Meanwhile back to the dollars and cents and the current plans that are on the table.  There is a  lot of detail and what ifs in this article.  Read all about it: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/obamacare-medicaid-medicare-gop-chopping-block_us_582a19b8e4b060adb56fbae7

This is one time when how slow the wheels of government grind along may make a huge difference.