I have been reading the paper bulletin and  AARP magazine since  I started receiving it for my 50th birthday.  I remember distinctly being a bit put off by the 11 different ad inserts  in my first magazine and thinking this is marketing plus!  That being a given , AARP is  the only lobbying force that we have – it is the backbone of protecting  many issues for older Americans.  I have read about countless efforts on behave of individual citizens as well legislative influence with social security and  Medicare benefits.

Where else am I able so view my “peers”  grace the cover and remind me that we are all getting old , celebrity or not.  Where else can I see so many ads for so many products that I did not  know I  was going to need or want.   AARP has been around since 1958, it is a non profit  with many charities being the beneficiary of its massive  advertising revenue.  At this point it has about  37 million members. The age bracket distribution would be interesting to know.

So where am I going with this?  Not sure – just that the newer Life Rediscovered campaigns  are stressing the never retire mantra.  That may be the solution to the aging of America in some ways.  But I also fear that as the oldest boomers slip into their  “true elderly” category -over 75 years of age,  that  we may be dismissed prematurely.  We will not be the marketing force we once were. As of November 2015 Millennials outnumber boomers.   AARP will have to move on move on to the new  crop of fifty plus folks.

I think there is a coming crisis  of lack of  in home care workers despite the  number of new in home service franchises.  If there is a lack of political will to address better training , wages and working conditions for the in home  service person, we will be the ones at a loss.  That person who comes to your home maybe for only a few hours a week, will be the link that really allow people to stay in their own homes.  Lets face it, providing basic care of old people  is not what a lot of people want to sign up for. More on this later.

I will periodically in my blog, nod to AARP re subjects raised but  flesh out the finer details ( see blog on falls) .  Hopefully my readers will chime in with what works and not work for them and continue the discussion