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With all the research going on about Alzheimer’s, I had the urge to start a spreadsheet to keep track.  Two days ago there was a huge letdown  in the scientific community because of a ‘failed’ large study. A new drug LMTX failed. It was supposed to target the plague that slowly destroys the brain.

The study had the unusual findings that  those subjects who were already on the major Alzheimer’s drugs did not benefit, while 15% of the study subjects who were not on those approved drugs did significantly benefit.  I had to read the results twice to say to myself and this is a failure?  Why this framework? Now they have to do it all over again and  apply the new drug  alone to the  subjects and wait another 5 years for results.  As we used to say, not the sharpest pencil in the box here.

What does that say about the current dementia drugs on the market? There has been massive financial  investments in these drugs  and they are prescribed as a matter of course.  After  18 months they are reported to have little value.  Are they  like  some psychiatric  medications that do not cure anything but only mask or successfully tamper down negative behavior?

Even though it kills fewer people a year than cancer, Alzheimer’s  now surpasses it on the fear factor scale.  Since people are beginning to see, hear and  experience cures with individualized chemo and immune therapies, the ‘big C’ has gone down just few font sizes. There are 40 million people worldwide with Alzheimer’s, here is the US the number  5.2 million. There are more people  succumbing proportionately to cancer and heart disease.

There is another study , a cooperation between a university in Australia and University of California that is working on an actual vaccine to prevent  the start of the disease. I have red lined this with great hopes. On the practical side, you can read almost any day about how  you need to make your own cocktail of exercises, eating right and challenging your brain to keep away the gunk.

Ultimately ,a smaller but longer term study deep in the mountain villages of Columbia, South America  is where they may find more answers.  There are 300 years of family lineage and the largest number  of early onset Alzheimer’s patients anywhere in the world.

As the article is titled, it could  be the answer:https://www.statnews.com/2016/04/12/alzheimers-disease-colombia/

So if I type Alzheimer’s enough times, and think about it, does it  make it less formidable, scary?  People as old as we are can remember when  the word cancer was whispered.  Now with all this work being done on dementia  maybe it is time to start screaming about needing better research not just more research.