I think one of the biggest factors feeding into “not me yet” aspect of boomers to  buy into the longevity economy, is that we think that problems will be fixed ahead of our time. Loss of memory is probably our biggest fear. You can stretch, exercise your body and you can brain tease your mind to stay supple but the predictions of Alzheimer disease are staggering.  No matter how well you have set up your home, your connections to the community…lost of memory can take everything away.

So we are the spoiled baby boomers,  everything will come our way.  Hopefully that means efforts at new drugs will make Alzheimer’s curable instead of the only major illness that has no cure.  Follow the money,   a certain biotech stock is rising on the promises of a new drug,  nickname adu.  But is is not ready until 2018. http://www.forbes.com/sites/matthewherper/2015/03/20/biogen-drug-could-inspire-new-hope-for-alzheimers-treatments/

Also new in the pipeline of hopeful solutions is to treat inflammation in the brain.   With no new Alzheimer’s drugs in over a decade,  somebody  better get with it. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/brain-inflammation-alzheimers_568fff10e4b0a2b6fb6fe1c4

Also rates of vascular dementia  have lowered over the last decades  according to the Framingham study.  Why increased activity, better diet and keeping connected socially. http://www.nbcnews.com/health/aging/some-good-news-dementia-rates-might-be-going-down-n516176

So what  ways are there  for your brain to keep things together and not panic. Simple lapses or delays in remembering things is a part of aging . One of the  most heavily marketed  brain teaser programs has now been discredited.   Challenge yourself to do something  complicated.   My way is constructing this website and keeping my widgets/menus/plug-ins/pages and posts in place. I am going back to an earlier goal and challenging myself to finish something I started a long while ago.

There are a lot of brain feed things out there. Again find what works for you so you will keep doing it. 

Just learning more about using your computer is a challenge.

Start a blog of your own.  The tools are mostly free and it is a daily test for your mind to keep things straight.

Take a course through the free online universities and  see what online classrooms are all about.

Take a course in person through  your elder ed  division  at the local community college.  Or be daring and mix in with some millennials while you  put yourself back in a classroom.

Basically challenge yourself to do something you thought you would never do mentally.

Other suggestions very welcome.