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Breaking news from the world’s smallest study ( 10 subjects!), early dementia can be reversed with a  protocol of interventions.  Other breaking news, some common sleep and allergy meds can  cause dementia! Trying to keep up with the information on what helps/hurts brain health is like playing some kind of game. Is it pinball where you just keeping putting in quarters to add up a winning score, or is it a board game where you to make  the right decisions  about alternatives to end up a winner.  Or maybe you are stuck in a video game where your instincts/reflexes to know what is true really matter.

There are many small and large studies all targeting  the dementia monster but with different weapons and from different funding sources. The question is who is really going to win in all of this. The immediate reaction should be  yes …dementia and  encroaching Alzheimer’s may not inevitable. Gene tests for everyone, line up for protocols if you lose your keys.

How much faith or hope do you put in a study that had only ten people in it?  Up for some brain exercise?  The full article has been removed but here is the condensed version: http://health.usnews.com/health-care/articles/2016-06-16/health-highlights-june-16-2016?src=usn_fb    

The authors are somewhat convincing particularly  because  many of the subjects had parents with  dementia and very clear problematic behavior.  All of ten subjects showed  some level of improvement such as being able to return to work and other activities.

In trying to do more searching for what  the actual interventions were, I noticed that  the MEND program already has a TM beside it.   They are unspecific even in the long read as what exactly  what changes in diet, sleep ,exercise, medications, vitamin and supplements and brain stimulation they were able  make for these subjects over the 5-24 month time period.  Soon to be sold at store near you or next to the over the counter medications that help cause dementia?

In clicking on a  banner ad,  I was lead to a long internet presentation, “buy this book it explains this program for $27”.  The “book” looks like a pamphlet. They entice you with hints of contents, just enough information to have you ask but what type  of coconut oil?  Having just been to the supermarket today and seen a  huge display of coconut oil and water products,  I guess the word is out.  

The second study  I mentioned  was a 7 year long study , through  the University of Washington.  The top  20 drugs many over the counter that have an  anti cholinergic effect  are not listed in  this article https://sop.washington.edu/higher-dementia-risk-linked-use-common-drugs/

But can be found here: http://blog.aarp.org/2015/01/29/common-sleep-and-allergy-medications-linked-to-dementia-alzheimers/

Probably the most disturbing part of this study is that many of the medications are commonly used over the counter sleep and allergy medications.  Think any sleep aide that has PM after it.  And that they state that the mind dulling effects are not reversible if used over a period of time.  

So, do we wait 5 years for a Public Service Announcement to validate and disseminate these findings.  Does education in the country ever include these good healthful rules so everyone can get a head start on this?   Many of us are already trying to  beat the dementia reaper  by good health habits.  Why not make the rules of the game more public  so everyone has a decent  chance of winning.