One of the biggest obstacles to staying in your long time home is keeping up with more substantial home repairs.  Furnaces need to be replaced as well as roofs.  If you live in a rural area, you have septic and well issues to keep on top of. Hiring any contractor at any time is always a  calculated gamble that you will get what you need and not be  taken advantage of. Sometimes it is easier to have your roof replaced then to find someone to do less expensive/odd jobs specific to your property. 

Older residents sometimes put off even more minor repairs because of money, fear of scams, concern of being over charged and or basically not wanting someone in your home. If a large segment of the aging population is really going to stay in their homes, there is a lot of repair work that will be  key to keeping our homes in safe, sell-able (if necessary) condition.  The DIY generation label is a proud one for many boomers, but there is a line you have to cross when you can not do it yourself.

In an earlier post I called, Finding the silver hammer, I talked about a business startup in Hawaii called Tru Blu.  It is specifically designed to provide a whole range of services to senior home owners.  Now I read that the TrueBlu is one the the fastest growing franchise with 25 active nationwide. . .

TruBlue Total House Care, the property maintenance franchise based in Cincinnati, offers handyman services, maid and cleaning services, lawn care, emergency repairs, seasonal projects, a home watch program, a senior accessibility program and more. * TruBlue also works with realtors, commercial clients and recently started offering monthly maintenance programs as well as a financing option for home repairs for qualified applicants.

My senior mistrust radar went up though at * the part about working with realtors and commercial clients. Why, instead of thinking this could be very good, I went automatically to, are they pushing reverse mortgages or selling your house.  How wrapped up in such a service do you want to be?  I will attempt to get more details on the scope and quality of these services.  

Meanwhile back at Amazon, they launched an online search category for home services with estimates of cost by local area.  This in of itself is a useful tool to compare estimates.  I guess the classic how many star reviews will follow. Yes, as they say all politics are local.  They also say re real estate it is location, location, location. But it is important to remember one of the new mantras for a successful retirement is, cash flow, cash flow cash flow. 

The good news is that because of the growing silver wave of boomers and seniors really staying in their homes, we will have many more options to assist us with that ever more daunting to-do-list.