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When I planned to do this post on the transition to a plant based diet for health and longevity, I  put in a internet search.  Immediately I got about 12 websites giving specific meal plans on how to change over,  One person’s  article  even   had a video of what was inside their refrigerator.  Most of them were also trying to sell you something, an app, a menu plan etc.

People are motivated  by different things and  the discipline to stick to nutritional changes  whether to lose weight or for medical reasons can be hard to come by.  Exercise is number one , diet change is number two as far as hard to do list.  This one post is not meant to convert or coerce anyone.    Even approaching  this subject, I can see people imagining  the classic carrot or piece of celery on an empty. The truth is cooking plant based gives you a wild assortment of choices. 

You are maybe expecting words they do not have a good taste association with tofu, kale.   The truth is  the plant diet can be rich in flavor  with a wide variety of tastes and spices. Some of those spices like ginger (for arthritis) and turmeric   (for memory)  and others have very helpful medicinal properties.

I have found many more recipes  using  some of the same ingredients then I could have imagined.  It takes time to stock your extra ingredients but it is worth it..  Having a supply of fresh veggies allows you to get ore inventive and stretch the  budget. You do not even have to go whole hog ( excuse the expression) to make some healthy changes.

Back when we were deciding to change over to be basic vegetarians, we watched Knife Over Fork,  which basically has the message that you should be able to eat your meals without  a knife, fork and spoon only.  It was kind of shattering to watch  as  the  food guru comes to the house and  with a trash bag and systemically  throws  away about 2/3 of what was in the family’s refrigerator and pantry.   That is the  the  pull  off the band-aide quickly method.   

A more gentler method is to  taste test good recipes that are rewards in of themselves.  Make two vegetables with dinner instead of a starch. First it is recommended we eliminate some of the bad stuff in your diet and feel better without even adding anything.  Eliminate anything with high fructose corn syrup  and no white sugar. It is a powerful place to start.  The fewer ingredients on a package label rule helped a lot. Going completely organic is another choice but just eating more meals made from vegetables and fruits will help. 

The point of it is that our food industry has made lots of stuff  that is not really good for us. I will insert this article:


Think of it as aversion therapy . The biggest part of changing over was to not just eat healthier food but to avoid the processing and chemicals in so much of our food supply. That’s when things start to taste better in general.  I had written before that even as we age and lose some of your taste awareness,  why not step it up and add some spice to our life. The benefits you gain will be your own.