Somewhere out there the oldest boomers are turning 70 years old today January 1, 2016.

Happy Birthday! and welcome to your seventies.

As the lyric from Simon and Garfunkel’s, Old Friends album says so softly, “How terribly strange to be seventy.” Looking forward made it improbable and strange. Now being it is another matter. So,  I have a few years before I go through  the mental and emotional struggle to accept what being seventy means. I have seen others reject, rail against it as if it was an unjust verdict. Others have just quietly slipped into and past as if it did not matter at all.

Why does it matter? Why is reaching and being this age, this number  7 0 seem more ominous. Or will it than just be reaching 80 etc. I can only project,  but I think it is partly realizing your sixties were not so bad, that beginning and enjoying full or partial retirement is a relief and a release if  you are doing what you could not do  before. Maybe hitting 70 as in hitting a wall is more a fear of what is next of not being able to do just that. How healthy wealthy and wise will you be in your seventies? That is even if healthy means an average of three chronic health problems which we statistically have, being minimally prepared as the analysts recommend and only feeling occasionally wise.

It seems like a long stretch from 70 to 79. So much can and will happen. But fundamentally getting to this age is a gift, it depends what you do with it.