You know it is too much about potential profits when you see the first real notice of the failure of the most promising Alzheimer’s drug on the pages of the financial news. Literally for at least three years I have been following the research by the pharmaceuticals giant Biogen on a drug with a nickname ‘adu’.  In the final third phase, the research has been stopped cold on the basis of “projected failure to meet their primary endpoint.”  

The head of Biogen made a statement about the complexity of treating this disease and at least thanked the subjects and their families for participating. As far as I know,no other drug trial had gotten this far. There is no talk of adjusting parameters in the study, that was done previously in the hopes of proving there is a way to prevent the devastating effects of all those tangles in the brain. 

At this point my worst fear is that no other major pharmaceutical company will even approach this massive dilemma.  With boomers aging into later senior hood in the next few years in even greater numbers, there are still other avenues being explored. The sheer numbers of adults that will over the age of 65 by 2030 is creating our own national emergency. 

For what else is in the pipeline see here:

It may well be some less heralded approach out there that brings a cure for Alzheimer’s across the finish line.  We can only hope the funding will follow it.