So taking my first cruise was an eye opener about how  the older set are spending their time and money .  After  stabilizing with the  rocking of the boat ( it reminded me of soothing a colicky baby),  I was quick to observe that over 90% of the passengers must have been  55+.  The first morning walking the decks then later observing from a treadmill in the  gym, I watched a parade of seniors  some with  canes  doing their  morning exercise.  On the cruise there where so many brands of  walking canes,  sitting canes, walkers and scooters I felt like I should be reviewing them for customer satisfaction.

As the week went on I realized that I was on a floating retirement community  complete with  ample food, ready socialization opportunities  ( happy to share a table at lunch?)   with multiple activities and entertainment. The my zip lining group included an 80 year woman who said she was going to do sky diving next! There is your attentive  room attendant who keeps everything spotless.  Although I do not think they make those cute towel animals at the CCRC.

In talking to people I learned that many were from  planned communities like the Villages in Florida and that they cruise multiple times  a year!   I was also surprised to find out that there was a woman on board who had been  cruising for 3 months as she found it more  fun and less expensive than assisted living.  I met several brave widows  carrying out plans traveling completely on their own. The structure of a cruise provides security and  as much privacy  or as much socializing that you  could want.

Where am I going with this?  Now I know people will point out the food is not as luxurious, the activities not  as varied in traditional retirement community.  Could this be a future option to age in place at sea?  Add additional medical care and you could spend your last days swaying with the decks gazing at a rolling  smooth glass  ocean.

From my own perspective I much enjoyed seeing some more of the world and meeting many lovely people but I was homesick the third day. Your life is your life and it felt like a very pleasant diversion. But my finale will be on solid ground.