Downsizing usually means giving or throwing away things that has been dear to you,  but  downsizing with  aging in place can continue with cutting your basic expenses to live.  Having earned our salaries and social security check levels in  a pricier place to live, we saw the advantage among our other reasons to move  to an area where real  estate taxes, insurance and utilities cost less.

After the fact of moving,  I found this article that suggests you should not move/downsize unless you can cut  25% off your old  budget at your new location.  We are at  about  20% and have  few  items to trim yet. http://www.forbes.com/sites/ashleaebeling/2015/08/26/can-downsizing-save-your-retirement/

So besides researching your housing prospects, also  look into what your new area has to offer in terms of cost savings.  Some counties have more taxes but more services or tax breaks for older residents.  Ours allows less real estate taxes  when income and assets fall below a certain level.  Other counties  pay a percentage towards fixed rents in senior living apartments.

Always look at your perspective  county’s Department of Aging website. Moving to an area where there are more senior services, means less money spent privately later on.  Taxes pay for services and some states are more generous than others to their seniors. Having transportation services that cover a wide  geographic area, for example can make a huge difference.