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This will be a short post – wishing everyone a happy, safe 4th of July weekend. 

It has been basically one year since we moved to our new ‘this is where we want to be when we are really old’ home. I am thankful for my sweet neighbors and the  friendly and vibrant community in which I live. There are still connections to be made,  but we are off to a good start.  

Six months ago today I launched this website.  I am grateful to my many readers, who may be on the quiet side, but your presence generates stats  that encourage me to continue. There are challenges to make this a more welcoming space for people to speak up and share their concerns and  ideas. I am suspending individual registration and groups for now until I can find  a better format.  Suggestions, discussion and comments are always welcome!

Aging in place  is still  more a marketing concept than a well thought out reality for many people who are just staying put and hoping for the best.  Political and financial forces may be  changing in the next few months for better or worse.  There  is actually a bipartisan House bill (HR 5254)  to  give homeowners a $30,000 tax credit for in home renovations in the works. Public interest groups are talking more about the home health care short fall. Medical research is coming up with new prospects for better health in aging all the time.

As they say the times they are a changing.  I hope to continue to provide you with practical information with a positive outlook. Thanks for being there and stay tuned.