Once upon time we became the boomer generation , the numbers keep flashing before us.

There are now  about  76 million boomers left.  As of January 1 , 2016 the oldest boomer turns 70.  But we are into “stealth aging” and trying not to act or think our age.   Older boomers  are hitting a stage where the market place wants to sell us  senior stuff  from walk in tubs to live on one level carriage houses  that cost a million.  Technology companies are competing to find the magic bullet  of  “silver tech”  in  communication and monitoring  devices to keep us safe at home.

Almost 10,000 individuals a day are reaching retirement age-one every 8 minutes.  We are the “silver tsunami” that is seen as  going to overload the system. We have also been the focus for marketing trends through the years and now we are  leading edge of the reason for the” longevity economy”.  Yes, there is an industry fueled by the opportunity  to assist us in aging.

There is supposed to be 40.6 trillion dollars worth of wealth in our generation that will be transferred by 2052  when statistically we are no more. But the idea or the financial reality of spending $40-50,000 a year on renovating a home or paying  for assisted living may seem impossible. Buying into that wind down your life contract  at the  happy valley homes does not work financially or ideologically for many of us.  The senior care and retirement communities have been built, but we are acting like we are not in the market. The senior marketing industry will literally follow us to our graves. We are the money tree to be shaken not stirred.

We are also the most discriminating  consumer groups  to come along so far.  It is not generally recognized how diverse we in our goals and plans to accomplish this staying independent.  Aging in place can mean different solutions for each of us as we may live into our nineties.  The forces that are trying to booster the  longevity economy  seem to be frustrated with our lack of enthusiasm for what they have built for us. So be aware you are the  target (focus is a kinder word)  of the many well meaning and purposeful efforts to help you age.  Whether you like it or not.