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March 25, 2019   SilverReads 

I am adding a new section to my website to highlight some of the more interesting books and articles out there on aging. This will be both non fiction and fiction.  Since the YA (Young Adult) and MG ( Middle Grade genres have taken off in commercial fiction, I figure why not accent OA (Older Adult) works that highlight both braving the trials and enjoying the freedom of getting older.  

First in the non fiction category, I would like to review Ashton Appelwhite’s revised edition of This Chair Rocks. 

by Mary Wark

They say attitude is everything, especially when it comes to age.  You can be looking upon an older person or be that  person of many years looking out on the world. As we move into the part of history where people over 65 will take up a bigger part of the demographics, those attitudes are going to count a lot more.

In Applewhite’s updated edition she hits at ageism from its inception as a definition in 1969 to how it is playing out now. What is important is how ageism will matter when so many of us are old at once. There are a lot of excellent references to government reports and the sociology of it all.

What is comes down to however, is your own effort to ward off the negative effects of ageism.  Don’t accept a compliment that you look good for your age, diffuse it.  Applewhite’s approaches the subject with deft clarity but there is no magic wand to stop what come so naturally to so many young and old. 

Most books on aging have a limited audience, this one at least has an appreciative one.