I reacted so quickly to this I did not confirm the drug in question is not ADU ( although still out there in trials – it is a second drug through Biogen)  actually more goods news! 


I had to see it first in the financial news, successful drugs are money makers.  Biogen and its Japanese partner have their stocks soaring because of a successful clinical trial for BAN2401.  I have used the nickname ADU in earlier blogs as I followed the limited success of this drug through clinical trials.

What does this mean?  Alzheimer’s progression was slowed with the use of this drug in a trial of 800 subjects over 18 months with earlier forms of the disease.  It is described under the a best care scenario – need to now more on that.

Over the past year other major drug companies have dropped out pf the  long costly marathon to affect the debilitation effects of Alzheimer’s disease.

Again, this is the first I have seen, the financial world only cares about stock profits,  there will be more to know in the next weeks in terms of how this has changed the lives of seniors struck by the disease. 

So belated happy Independence day!