In the small world of blogging on topics of aging and aging in place, there has been a happy increase in positive messaging.  The depth and focus of many of these websites and articles have gone beyond techniques for fighting the look of aging or fretting about the silver tsunami. You might say the simple truth is the age wave has hit the shores and it is now a time for practical action. I read at least a dozen different blogs and follow every google alert on aging in place.  It is heartening to read both about the small local approaches to meeting this challenge and the bigger picture . Even today I read that US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is going to partner with Japan to share expertise on aging in place!? ( more later)

You have probably heard the ‘old’ expression about jumping on the bandwagon. When I started this blog at the beginning of 2016, I sensed it was ahead of curve of people’s interest levels.  Not that society as a whole is really ready for the reality of having 1/4 or even 1/3 of their population be over 60, but at least now there are signs they are thinking about it. The age wave is really a slow moving but steady tide that is more pronounced in some states and those areas are starting to mobilize. It is like walking on the beach, gazing out to the sunset and realizing the water is already up to your ankles and you have to keep walking. 

This is my 100th blog post.  I have gone from scrambling to find useful material and research findings to assimilate, evaluate and pass along to acting as a self appointed clearing house.  There is a now more substantive advice being printed on how to age well and dig in for the long haul of aging in place.  So I will continue to curate to the best of my ability what is worthy of other seniors attention and effort. 

Part of what I have been trying to do is provide a protected social network site for communication in my group and forum sections. I know the site is currently lacking avid participation in those areas and I understand that.  To those who joined early, hang in there as more is yet to come.

In essence I am trying to get the band together so we can move forward.  There will be legislative hurdles and the need for civic engagement.  My future forward vision sees the need to revamp archaic zoning rules in your neighborhood to let you share housing resources or encouraging the creation of  apps to make mini village networks much easier to form and thrive.  Not to mention the need for keeping government supportive of innovations in Medicare and Medicaid as opposed to abolishing the safety net.

So even if you do not see an explosion of information into the mainstream, know that there is definitely a solid backdrop that this aging in place ‘thing’ is going to matter.  As always the best action starts with individuals on a grassroots level, one beat at a time. Thanks for staying tuned.