There are several different perspectives to the concept of aging in place that are now undergoing changes. Post or rather mid the Corona Virus pandemic, senior living communities are trying to reinvent themselves as a better solution to those struggling with the isolation of continuous quarantine.  On the other hand government is in major flux as to what can be accomplished to hold safety net programs steady and offer more viable at home solutions.  Seniors are being pushed into Medicare Advantage coverage that is promising all sorts of ancillary services that may not really materialize. Significant upgrades in home technology for aging in place are also at an inflection point which can mean more help, more choices.

I will continue to read and try to digest all my goggle alerts on aging in place. I don’t plan to blog again until after the first of the year.  I want to be able to make more sense out of these outside forces while I personally remain committed to staying independent at home.

Take care out there!