Who am I?  My name is Mary Wark and I have chosen Frederick, Maryland to age in place. In 2013 I started thinking about life after retirement and made a series of personal decisions about my ambitions for the future. Top on my list was writing, so I started my info/attitude  blog on how boomers and older seniors can find ways to stay in their homes as they age. I read/research over a dozen sources on healthy aging,  affordable housing issues, the looming crisis of Alzheimer’s,  financial pitfalls and grind it up in a weekly blog that looks at aging in place from the perspective of someone actually doing it.  

Second, my goal was to teach, and I  am now part of a series at Frederick Community College , ILR program (Institute for Learning in Retirement) and offer a very hands on look at the home safety, costs and important issues if you are striving to stay independent at home.  And finally I wanted to participate in an active way in my new community.  I currently serve on the Senior Services Advisory Board.

As far as my credentials,  I obtained my CAPS (Certified Aging in Place Specialist) certification as of 2014.  I  held a CRC certification (Certified Rehabilitation Counselor) for over 40 years. That means working primarily with vocational issues for the disabled.  I left my LPC credential (Licensed Professional Counselor) behind in another state. At this point with a Masters in Counseling I would rather coach than counsel.

So why did I start this website? It is because I believe that as boomers turn from the youngest of the older population to perhaps the largest “true elderly” demographic there will be unique challenges.  The longevity economy says they know what we need and want to sell it to us. As we stubbornly try to age in place by choice or necessity in huge numbers, we should be able to share our goals and network for our own benefit. Information in the blog can be helpful as people make their decisions about where to spend the rest of your life at home or elsewhere.  

PARTS OF THE waystostay.org  WEBSITE

I am trying to get the conversation about aging in place started with my “a boomer’s plan to age in place” BLOG. I have been posing about once a week now for over two years and the momentum is slow. My blogs focus on the health and wellness advice being given to seniors,  the complex world of new housing options, legal and legislative developments that effect us and the all new tech that is trying to be part of the answer to staying in your hone as you age.    Every post in my blog allows for immediate comments on the bottom of each page. Because of spam bots  I now have to ask people to log in and register ( top left) to be able to add your comment.  Realize you can log in  without sharing your real name and others can reply to you. No one will see your email address.  I would like to be less soapbox and more listener!

The crash course  on Aging in Place (AIP) was my initial attempt to digest the massive amount of information out there with a bit of cynicism. It is written  more from a consumer perspective than what can we sell you approach.  The most up to date information is under the blog section.

You can always ask questions  through the contact button or email me directly at talktomary@waystostay.org. 

Be aware that I go back in and add newer information in italics under the topics as it becomes available. This is especially true for,  what’s new in senior housing and the  memory lane section.

I have always enjoyed the ability to read and make comments online.  I found some of the comments on published articles are more interesting than the articles themselves.  So I choose a website that allows  FORUMS.  You folks are out there in your individual circumstances either deciding or actually living to age in place.  Do not be afraid to add a comment or ask me to start a forum topic for you. 

GROUPS/CONNECT  that seems to be an off putting word.  I have hopes  people want to find others  who think like them or have something important in common.  This is kind of a reverse  Meet-up  online.  People our age may be generally  wary of social media  and joining things.  But this is a private membership that allows for private messaging.     Being a member of a group requires you to log in  and create an account and a profile. This may take a while but  building social connections  is a major goal for  this website.

So if you are just here to read my take on getting older and staying put, I hope you enjoy my blog. As time goes on I hope folks will feel comfortable enough to connect with me and the other readers of this website.   

Any which way – Welcome to your website!