Who am I?  My name is Mary Wark and I have chosen to age in place in Frederick, Maryland. I am in that later sixties age bracket and have just gone through a period  of making personal decisions about where and how to spend my “golden years”.

I can present some credentials  in terms of background. I have my CAPS (Certified Aging in Place Specialist) certification as of 2014.  I have held a CRC certification ( Certified Rehabilitation Counselor) for over 40 years. That means working primarily with vocational issues for the disabled.  I left my LPC credential (Licensed Professional Counselor) behind in another state. At this  point with a Masters in Counseling I would rather coach than  counsel. My most important qualification, however I feel is that I am actually  trying to do the best job possible of aging in place.

What does that all really mean? I want to give my reader the opportunity to become more knowledgeable about aging in place as they approach this later stage of their life. Becoming more proactive for your own future is a powerful thing.

I hope I can make  this website useful to people in a variety of ways. There are decisions to be made on many different levels. By creating a  different style  of  clearinghouse for aging in place information and a  sounding board of consumer opinion, I hope we can move forward together while  not having to read ads for walk in tubs or the latest silver tech gadget.

As a DISCLAIMER ( see terms and conditions)  , I have to add that the information, advice and recommendations that are offered on this website are presented as advice in a take it or leave format. I am not receiving remuneration for any products or services mentioned. My hope is that the congregate of the responses and opinions of my readers will become a  valuable aspect of the website.